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The story.

Zola is searching for her brother who disappeared shortly after to returning to South Africa. Her search will take through the opulent suburbs of northern Johannesburg as well as the impoverished townships that surround it.

She must summon all her courage, finding both her faith and her beliefs tested, as she reaches further into the darkness of her tormented past and deeper into the forgotten world that frightens her most.

She must survive the corruption and the temptation of a dark African secret, to find her brother and save herself.

Why Muti?

Africa is understood to be the birthplace of humanity. The first foot steps were taken here and the first spiritual beliefs were born. Its here that our story really begins, right when the first human looked up at the sky and gave the moon its name and knew the power of belief.

At its heart Muti is about how peoples beliefs can change and shape their lives and the lives of those closest to them; how those beliefs are carried down through the ages and shape the future. We feel privileged to be able to tell this story from an African perspective and trust you will find it just as interesting.