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The Characters

We want to give you, the players, a choice of characters. And with each character comes individual skills and strengths so you receive a completely unique experience each time.

Despite been born in Africa, Zola finds herself a stranger to both the land and its ways as she returns to her place of birth.

Zola's brother, Khaya, disappears on a research trip to South Africa only a few weeks before the death of their mother. Feeling lost and alone, Zola sets off to her land of birth to find Khaya; wanting to inform him of their mothers passing as much as needing the connection of family during such a difficult time.

As a child Zola often saw terrible specters at night, leaving her with a crippling fear of the dark, despite that fear she is determined as she sets off on her journey. Unaware that she will be plunged deep into the dark truth of her heritage as she seeks her brother.